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Just by applying his principles, I got 3x my sales in a month. Whatever, Ramesh Yadav mentioned in his course are mind blown. Especially, the habit trackers and simple yet powerful exercises made me more Productive!


Sales Representative , Byju's

This course changed my life into completely new dimension. The step by step action plan with weekly support from this guy is incredible. 

Highly Recommended!

Rathish Thomas

Informational Security Analyst

Ramesh Yadav has completely surpassed my expectations. I liked his energy! He makes me a Super Productive Girl in my life. 

Now, I become Hyper Focused, Super Disciplined and Dedicated Consistency easily.  


Software Developer

Meet Ramesh Yadav

This is Ramesh Yadav, Software Developer, Son to an Awesome Couple, Fitness Freak, Swimmer turned Productivity Expert, creator of Personal Productivity Empire.

I love coding, gaming and speaking. I started my journey as a student in University with zero knowledge! I had no one to support me. I was blamed by everyone in my world before 5 years back!

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