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Just by applying his principles, I got 3x my sales in a month. Whatever, Ramesh Yadav mentioned in his course are mind blown.

Especially, the habit trackers and simple yet powerful exercises made me more Productive!


Sales Representative , Byju's

This course changed my life into completely new dimension. The step by step action plan with weekly support from this guy is incredible. 

Highly Recommended for everyone who is struggling with procrastination.

Rathish Thomas

Informational Security Analyst

Ramesh Yadav has completely surpassed my expectations. I liked his energy! He makes me a Super Productive Girl in my life. 

Now, I become Hyper Focused, Super Disciplined and Dedicated Consistency easily.  


Software Developer

Meet Ramesh Yadav

Ramesh Yadav is a Software Developer turned Productivity Expert

Founder of Productivity Empire, a community that helps entrepreneurs, professionals and students to achieve their goals faster without wasting time on Unnecessary Effort.

When Ramesh Yadav started his college, he was completely lazy, procrastinating a lot and wasting time a lot on social media . One day, it went to peak where he got mild heart stroke due to his over laziness and routines. He decided to come out of this loop

Over the years, he started improving himself by learning from world’s best mentors like Brian Tracy, James Clear, Cal Newport and many other productivity experts in the world. Now, he is able to do his Software Job in a Product Based Company and Building 6-Figure Business Online at the same time. This is possible because of his productivity.

One of the most common problems entrepreneurs, students and professionals faced was that they didn’t have consistency for their important things of their life

Ramesh Yadav build his 100% Consistency Framework and given his framework to 1000+ People So far.They not only become Productive but also super confident in achieving their goals.

Ramesh Yadav is now on the mission to help 1,00,000 Productivity Warriors become Super Productive & Achieve Their Goals Faster with minimum effort possible.

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